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HOW TO | Choose the Perfect Clip Extension

The hair it's a very big obsession for us women, synonymous of femininity and sensuality, are our greatest business card, provided that they are beautiful and cared.
I've always wear long hair, i think it is the dream of all girls, but sometimes i love to change my look and try the new haircuts of the current season.
Sometimes it happens I'm not satisfied with our new trendy haircut or simply, regret the old look.
If you are tired that your hair grows back, one of many possible solutions certainly applies the

The EXTENSIONS allow us, try many different looks in very few seconds.
They also give a natural fresh look or a more voluminous hair.
 Choose high-quality extensions doesn't mean choose the most expensive product.

If you have planning to purchase your extensions online, follow this easy steps:
→ Verify the website; nobody of us wants to risk to receive a false plastic hair.
→ For cannot receive the hair extensions shorter of your length, I recommend measuring for first thing your hair.

How to measure correctly your hair?
It's very simple.
Follow this image!

→ Check the weight of your extension; the standard weight for quality clip extension
is around 120 gr.
→ Choose the right color. This is a most important step and I recommend always
contact the customer service who will advise an appropriate color for you.

Some weeks ago I found a new good extension brand which offering a wide range
of good quality extensions at a great price.

The brand is:


Why Choose

Because it has a beautiful range of hair extensions suitable for every type of hair ( for wavy, curly and straight hair ) and for all budgets.
All extension are made entirely of virgin human hair
synonymous with high quality.

Found more at:

Good Shopping
Susanna M,

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